Plural Subjects

Alessandro Salice is employed at the CFS as a Post Doc researcher from the 1st of September 2013. His position is part of the research project “The disrupted ‘we’: Shared intentionality and its psychopathological distortions”, funded by the University of Copenhagen’s Excellence Programme for Interdisciplinary Research.

Alessandro Salice's main areas of research are phenomenology and social ontology and at CFS he will carry out research on the relation between singular and collective intentionality. Is collective intentionality a specific, i.e., an irreducible form of intentionality to be compared with singular intentionality or is it a peculiar form of singular intentionality after all?

The phenomenological method as well as the tools of analytic philosophy play a central role for Alessandro Salice's project. In addition to this, he also intends to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue, focusing on and evaluating contributions coming from other disciplines, especially psychiatry.