The Genomic History of Denmark

The CFS is one of the partners to secure a 36 mill. DKK grant from the University of Copenhagen’s dedicated 2016-program for the project “The Genomic History of Denmark.” The CFS is a partner in this multidisciplinary project, in which researchers from the Centre for GeoGenetics in close cooperation with colleagues from institutes at the University of Copenhagen will make Denmark the first country in the world to map its evolutionary, demographic and health history - from the earliest settlers through to modern times. In the framework of this project, the task of the CFS will be to investigate the impact that knowledge of our genomic history may have on our personal and collective self-understanding.

Read more about the work carried out at the CFS in this framework.

Further information on the project can be found at the Centre for GeoGenetics.

Principal investigator

Professor Eske Willerslev, Natural History Museum of Denmark (NHMD), Centre for GeoGenetics


Head of the project, Professor Dan Zahavi

Postdoc Alba Montes Sánchez