Groups, Movements, Change: Perspectives from Sociology and Phenomenology

Are sociology and phenomenological philosophy competing research paradigms, or can they be complementary and fruitfully enrich one another? Despite rich tradition of dialogue between sociology and phenomenology, the exchange today seems stalled. This research workshop brings together an international group of scholars to examine the potential for cross-fertilization between these two fields and present their own perspectives on some of the central issues of social sciences, including the emergence and behavior of social groups, collective emotions, and social change more generally.

Confirmed speakers include:

Gary A. Fine (Northwestern University) & Ugo Corte (University of Stavanger), Besnik Pula (Virginia Tech), Dominik Bartmanski (Humboldt University), John R. Hall (University of California, Davis), Alexis Gros (University of Jena), Mikael Carleheden (University of Copenhagen), Poul Poder (University of Copenhagen), Erika Summers-Effler (University of Notre Dame), Lucy Osler (University of Copenhagen), Mikko Salmela & Dominik Zelinsky (University of Copenhagen).