Courses 2006

Autumn 2006

Dan Zahavi
Seminar: Merleau-Ponty's Phénoménologie de la perception
Monday 10-13, KUA

Rasmus Thybo Jensen
Seminar: Handlingens Intentionalitet
Monday 15-17, KUA

Lisa Käll
BA-Seminar: Feminist Philosophy
Monday 10-12 & 13-15, KUA

René Rosfort
Emnekursus: Den etiske hjerne: følelser, neurologi og rationalitet
Thursday 17-19, Aud. 9 Købmagergade 44-46, 1150 København K

Course: Examination of Anomalous Self-Experience (EASE): Introductory interview in English
November 9-10
The EASE is a newly constructed semi-structured qualitative and semi-quantitative psychometric checklist to examine anomalies of subjective self-experience, published and available in Psychopathology (Parnas J, Moeller P, Kircher T, Thalbitzer J, Jansson L, Handest P, Zahavi D. [2005] Examination of Anomalous Self-experience. Psychopathology, 38 (5): 236-258).The EASE targets the disorders of subjective experience, which are characteristic of the schizophrenia spectrum disorders, especially in their pre-onset phases. The checklist is inspired by philosophical phenomenology. Its use requires a certain conceptual and empirical background in addition to a practical training. The course aims to provide such a general background and give training in scoring of the individual scale items. The course will include theoretical expositions but the main focus is on discussion, scoring and reliability assessments of transcribed as well as videotaped patient interviews. The interviews will be performed either in English or in Danish with English subtitles. The participants are required to familiarize themselves with the published version of the EASE in Psychopathology.
Teachers: Prof. Dr.Medsci. Josef Parnas, MD ; Paul Møller, MD; Dr.Medsci, Peter Handest, MD, PhD; Lennart Jansson, MD ; and Jørgen Thalbitzer, MD.
Location:  Hvidovre Hospital , Auditorium 1, Kettegård Allé 30, 2650 Hvidovre, Copenhagen .
Organized by: University Department of Psychiatry, Hvidovre Hospital , Copenhagen and the Danish National Research Foundation: Centre for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen, Denmark . Course Director: Peter Handest, MD, PhD.

Spring 2006

Dan Zahavi
Seminar: Consciousness and Self-consciousness
Wednesday 10-13, KUA

Søren Overgaard
BA-Seminar: Det fremmedpsykiske
Onsdage 10-12, KUA