Courses 2010

Fall 2010

Thor Grünbaum
Introduction to Cognitive Science
Fridays 11-13

Thor Grünbaum
Embodied and Embedded Cognition
Mondays 10-13

Nivedita Gangopadhyay and Søren Overgaard
Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, 3rd Module: Merleau-Ponty's Phenomenology of Perception
Fridays 9-11 

Dan Zahavi
Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind, 2nd Module: Empathy, Mirroring, and Social Cognition
Tuesdays 15-17 

Spring 2010

Carsten Fogh Nielsen
Moralpsykologiske temaer
Wednesdays 8-10 

Gry Ardal Christensen
Hannah Arendt: Kærlighed, natalitet, frihed
Wednesdays 13-15 

Joel Krueger, Søren Overgaard, Nivedita Ganghopadhyay
Introduction to central topics in phenomenology and current philosophy of mind
Tuesdays 15-17