Courses 2015

Spring 2015

Dan Zahavi and Alessandro Salice
Freely Chosen Topic in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind:We-intentionality and shared experiences
Mondays 8-11

Søren Overgaard
Classical Philosophical Text in Phenomenology: Phenomenology of Perception
Wednesdays 12-15

Søren Overgaard, Mads Gram Henriksen og Zeynep Üsüdür
Fænomenologi og eksistensfilosofi
Tuesdays 8-11 and Fridays 8-11 

Autumn 2015

Dan Zahavi and Thomas Szanto
Module 1: Classical Philosophical Text: Husserl’s Krisis
Mondays 14-17

Søren Overgaard and Adrian Alsmith
Module 9: Central Topics in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind
Wednesdays 8-11

EASE Courses

EASE introductory workshop
November 25-27, 2015
Location: Psychiatric Hospital, Roskilde, Denmark
Director: Julie Nordgaard

EASE introductory workshop
May 27-29, 2015
Location: Mental Health Centre Hvidovre (Psychiatric Centre), Broendby, Denmark
Director: Julie Nordgaard